Biomass Stove For Drying Machine

Biomass Stove is a furnace that utilizes heat / calor from burning biomass (wood, dried leaves, husk coconut, etc.).

There are two types of biomass stove:    

  • Direct burning biomass stove
  • Indirect burning biomass stove
Direct burning Biomass Stoves are heat generated from biomass combustion directly transferred into the drying chamber by direct means or forced by using a blower, so that enters into the drying chamber or oven in the form of smoke and heat from fire, this method is usually used for the manufacture of black copra, non-food products etc.

Indirect burning Biomass Stove is heat generated from biomass combustion only in the form of hot air only, while the smoke is dumped into the air, this way is commonly used for making white copra, drying fish, drying coffee, drying cocoa etc.

Our workshop produces biomass stove for use in oven / dryer of agricultural and marine products.


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